Desktops: All-in-One vs. Traditional Tower

Desktops:  All-in-One vs. Traditional Tower I know, you are thinking – who buys desktop computers any more.  Well, the answer is less and less people, but a lot of businesses and small businesses.  Also, many home users still like the big display that a desktop provides. Before you go out and just replace your old […]

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Back Up Your Data – Can’t Say It Enough

Back Up Your Data – Can’t Say it Enough It is one of the hardest part of being an IT Support company, telling your customer their data is gone and can not be recovered. It happens way too often. Whether you are a small business and lose important emails or a family and lose those […]

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Does Your Internet Seem Slow

DOES YOUR INTERNET SEEM SLOW? Today, more and more home users and small businesses are reporting slow or slower internet connections.  They are calling their internet service providers and complaining, but that may not be the source of the problem.  The Cause Quite often the source of the problem is pretty simple.  It is your […]

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Pinterest Security Risks You Need to Know About

Pinterest Security Risks You Need to Know About Pinterest is the virtual bulletin boards of images on the web and the latest social media darling.   And what could be bad about a website that lets you clip your favorite photos from around the web and display them in collections to create an online personality?   Well, like […]

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Use Hard Passwords to Protect Against Identity Theft by South Jersey Computer Pros.

Pick Hard Passwords

Is this your Password??  For your account passwords or personal identification numbers, easy-to-recall codes are way too easy for others to guess. Yet the most popular passwords are “123456″ and, yes, “password,” reports app developer Spla…shData. One in 10 four-digit PINs is “1234,” according to consulting firm Data Genetics. Says president Nick Berry, “It’s staggering, […]

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The Five Deadly Dangers of Unsecured WiFi

Once hackers have access to your WiFi network, they can readily capture personal and business information. There are two types of WiFi attacks. Passive attacks, where the hacker captures your network traffic, are almost impossible to detect because the hacker never joins your network. They can sit silently with their antenna tuned into your network […]

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Is Your iPad Secure?

  Is Your iPad Secure? iPads and other tablet computers have become staples in today’s mobile world. With four models of the iPad — plus the iPad mini — in circulation, chances are you or someone you know uses a tablet computer regularly. But should you be worried about security? Are tablets like the iPad […]

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Attention Laptop Users

ATTENTION LAPTOP USERS Don’t Update Software on a Public Network! While on hotel networks, travelers are targeted with pop-ups telling them to update popular software that is installed on their machines, says the FBI. But in reality, the users are downloading malware. Wait to download software updates until you’re at home.  

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Web Cam Privacy

You Think Are Private – But Might Not Be Most people think their Internet communication is secure, but your data is much more transparent than you likely suspect.  In a number of key areas that people take for granted, it’s now easier than ever to electronically eavesdrop or hack into someone else’s accounts.  Here’s how […]

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Quick Tech Tip – Remove Unwanted Browser Toolbars

Tech Tip — Remove Unwanted Browser Toolbars You may sometimes accidentally add new toolbars to your browser.  To remove unwanted toolbars on Firefox or Internet Explorer, right-click on the blank space of your Menu bar (which has drop-downs like File and Edit), and uncheck the toolbars you no longer want. On Chrome, click on Settings […]

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